Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve selected the service that suits you and complete your payment, you’ll receive an email from Taxblock about the service you have selected and the way it can be executed. If you select an annual support (Simple, Basic, Premium annual subscription)  we will inform you in a timely manner of the deadline for submitting or completing a service by email to the email you provided during your order so that you can have the timetable of your tax obligations.
For each debt, a relevant payment code (identity debt) is issued with which you can repay the relevant amount from any Greek bank you wish. Most residents of abroad, maintain a bank account in a Greek bank and using the Web-banking service available, they can arrange their financial obligations with speed, from wherever they are, without additional costs. It should be noted that Taxblock informs its customers about their tax liabilities and the way they can make their payments, but does not undertake the payment of taxes to the Greek state on behalf of its customers.
Greeks abroad as well as foreigners with rights and obligations in Greece often do not receive the service they are looking for in their tax affairs, mainly because of their inability to follow the changes in Greek tax law and because of the distance of their residence from our country, which they visit usually for a short term. Taxblock is here for you and our goal is to become the consultant you need to get rid of the stress of your obligations in Greece. Our specialized team undertakes to inform you promptly and, after your approval, to carry out your[...]
The Greek administration, after automating some processes through Taxisnet (www.gsis.gr), enables taxpayers to be informed of their debts without necessarily sending an email notification. For this reason, taxpayers are encouraged to log into their taxisnet account and look for any debts they may have to settle. The basic disadvantage of the system is that is working only in Greek, and it is difficult for foreigners to use its services.
As in every country and more specifically in Greece, it is recommended to people with property, rights and obligations to trust their affairs (tax and legal) to the competent professionals, who will protect them from omissions and mistakes, often irreparable. Taxblock is your personal advisor on matters related to tax law and administration. Some of our services include tax advisory and planning, filing declarations, issuing certificates, resolving tax cases, answering tax questions.
A person is a tax resident of Greece if: a) Has in Greece his permanent or principal residence or his habitual residence or the center of his vital interests (ie his personal, economic or social ties), or (b) Is a consular, diplomatic or civil servant of similar status or a civil servant of Greek nationality and serving abroad. Also, if a natural person is in Greece continuously for a period exceeding one hundred and eighty-three (183) days, including short stays abroad, it is understood to be a Greek tax resident from the first day of his presence. Excluding residence for[...]
Our specialization ranks us as the first choice of overseas people who want a different kind of service (immediacy, use of digital media and modern tools, overseas experience) that goes beyond the established standard. Try one of our services
The purpose of this online platform is not to serve the Greek public. Taxblock’s goal is to serve as many people as possible living and working abroad with tax affairs in Greece, from a specialized team of tax and financial advisors ready to meet their every need.
Focusing on the main needs of overseas residents, Taxblock offers a range of individual services as well as package services depending on how and when you want us to start our business. Read more about our services
In our effort to facilitate your transaction with you, we have listed the following payment methods: • Payment by bank deposit to Greek banks • Credit card payment • PayPal payment

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