E3 Form for Professionals

We can process and submit the E3 tax form for your sole proprietorship

For residents abroad

Please fill out and submit my E3 form


For residents abroad

All professionals with registered offices in Greece should fill out the E3 tax form.

What is E3? When should it be submitted? Stakeholders

What is E3?

All professionals with registered offices in Greece should fill out the E3 tax form.

The form includes general information on the proprietorship (activity code, proprietorship details, registered office, etc.) and the economic outcome for the reference year.

In particular, the E3 form includes all financial data, income and expenses, and based on these data the economic outcome is calculated, profit or loss. The economic outcome is then transferred in a certain field in the E1 tax form, so that this amount is also taxed together with any other income.

When should it be submitted?

The E3 form is submitted according to the deadlines and submission terms valid for the E1 income tax form.

The form is submitted electronically, via the taxpayer's personal taxisnet account. It is strongly advised that the E3 form is audited by a professional tax expert, in order to avoid crucial errors.


It applies to all professionals

  • operating a sole proprietorship, with registered offices in Greece
  • who are active in trade, manufacturing, service provision or agricultural activities.

As far as residents abroad are concerned, lately it is quite common for professionals to move abroad, but keep their business activity in Greece active for a short period of time. Often, the professional decides to permanently reside abroad and the settlement of the tax issues is being postponed.

Useful Tip
No turnover does not mean that the obligation to submit an E3 form automatically ceases, unless you have closed down your proprietorship. All obligations towards the tax authority remain active until the proprietorship is closed down.
I wish to submit the E3 form
TaxBlock can perform an audit check of your tax books and proceed with filling out and submitting the E3 form, which will accompany the E1 form.
  • Prepare the form
  • Submit the form
  • Send you the submission receipt



Alternatively, we can undertake

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