E9 – Real Property Statement

We undertake to fill out and submit your detailed statement of real property (E9)

For residents abroad

Please fill out and submit my E9 form


For residents abroad

The E9 form "Real Property Statement" reflects the assets owned by the taxpayer.

When should it be submitted?  Stakeholders  Procedure 

When should it be submitted? 

All taxpayers should update the E9 form upon any amendments and within a month, unless otherwise stated in legislation, from the date of entering the respective contract or the date of death, in case of inheritance, etc.

Have you missed the deadline or wish that we filled out and submitted your E9 form?

We are on it!

Please fill out and submit my E9 form  


Anyone with real property rights in Greece should submit the E9 form. Detailed Tables:
  • buildings / plots
  • agricultural parcels
The taxpayer should pay careful attention when filling out the form, as even the slightest mistake, omission or typo could change the value of the property, thus changing the calculation basis for real estate taxes (currently ENFIA, previously FAP, FMAP, etc.) All details should be derived from the contracts and other legal deeds that according to Greek legislation verify the validity of property rights.


Greek legislation is complicated and constantly subjected to amendments, which renders the monitoring of the Greek tax system practically impossible, even for well-informed taxpayers. Thus, it is advised that professional tax experts submit the E9 form.

The tax expert cooperates with the taxpayer to electronically fill out the form, via the Greek information system Taxisnet, using the taxpayer's personal details (username/password).

Have you missed the deadline or wish that we filled out and submitted your E9 form?

We are on it!

Please fill out and submit my E9 form 

1.  Details regarding facade, location and type of right, are important in determining the final value of the property and they also constitute the most common mistakes when filling out the form. 
2.  Remember that E1, E2 and E9 tax forms, all include property details and should all be consistent with the E9 form.
incl. VAT 
  • Collect all required data for amendments in up to 5 properties
  • Fill out the form (in cooperation with you)
  • Submit the form
  • Send you the submission receipt

Alternatively, you may opt for one of our integrated annual packages


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