ENFIA Certificates

For residents abroad

We undertake the issue of ENFIA Certificates

For residents abroad

Please issue the ENFIA Certificate


For residents abroad

By virtue of ENFIA (Single Property Tax) Law 4223/2013, for all property transfers, the notary public requires a certificate which states the property full details and which bears a unique number.

All details included in this certificate are derived from the taxpayer's real property statement (E9 form). The property identification number (ATAK) is required for the certificate to be issued.

The required certificate refers to the last five years, when the taxpayer has been the owner for at least five years, or to the ownership years (e.g. 4 or less).

Stakeholders  Procedure


The notary public requires this certificate, and other documents, to complete a property transfer.

Thus, co-operation between the notary public and the tax expert is necessary, so that the description and the property details stated in the certificate and the E9 form, all correspond to the ownership deeds, on which the transfer is based.

To issue the certificate, it is mandatory to state why you need it (e.g. parental donation, onerous transfer, etc.).


The form is difficult to fill out and, often, the taxpayer does not accurately fill in the property details (e.g. erroneous surface area or location, etc.). In such cases, the Real Property Statement should be amended first (via the E9 form) and then proceed with the issue of a new certificate that shows the correct property details, according to the deeds.

This results in the transfer procedure being delayed, until all amendments have been made and  the E9 form has been cleared, so that the new certificate is issued.

Do you wish we issued the ENFIA Certificate?

Please issue the ENFIA Certificate 

We undertake
the issue of ENFIA Certificates
incl. VAT 
  • Collect all required data
  • Issue the certificate
  • Send the certificate to the customer and the notary public



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