Lease Agreement Authentication

We undertake the authentication of Lease Agreements

For residents abroad

Please undertake the authentication of my Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement AUTHENTICATION /

For residents abroad

Over the past few years, a new application has been activated for electronic authentication of real property lease agreements signed between the owner and the tenant. This is a mandatory process, as the authentication of the lease agreement protects the rights of both parties.

Previously, the Tax Office would authenticate the lease agreement and provide a reference number. This was a time consuming process that is now executed electronically.

When should it be submitted? Stakeholders

When should it be submitted?

The lease agreement should be submitted for authentication within one month after it has been signed, using the owner's taxisnet login details. The tenant should then proceed and "Accept" the form.

Thus, there is a complete electronic file for property rentals. Note that the lease agreement registration number is, and also will be, required for other taxisnet applications too (Ministry of Finance information system), such as the rental details filled in E2 form.


Please note that at the beginning of any commercial, residential or other type of lease, a private lease agreement is drafted and signed between the parties. This agreement protects both the owner and the tenant and is considered means of evidence by all public authorities (e.g. court, Tax Office in case of assignment of uncollected rent etc.).


You may download a residential lease agreement template.

Download file


You may download a commercial lease agreement template.

Download file
We undertake
the authentication of lease agreements
incl. VAT 
  • Fill out the authentication form
  • Submit the form
  • Send you the authentication receipt



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