Receive copies of public documents

We undertake to find the documents you need and electronically send you the files.

For residents abroad

Please send the documents

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For residents abroad

TaxBlock undertakes to electronically send you your Tax Returns of previous years, which are accessible via your personal Taxisnet account, yet you find difficult to locate due to navigation or language barriers.

We can send you the following public documents:

For residents abroad – Individuals:

  • Taxes and Dues Analysis
  • Statement of payments to the State
  • E9 Form - Real Property (2010 onwards)
  • Asset Analysis (2010 onwards)
  • Tax Income Forms (E1, E2, E3) – (2003 onwards)
  • Tax Statements (2003 onwards)
  • Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Analysis of real property leases
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Tax payment alerts (EETA 2013, etc.)

For residents abroad – Professionals in Greece (both active and non-active):

  • Periodical Tax Returns for professionals (up to present)
  • Periodical Tax Statements for professionals (up to present)
  • Recapitulative VIES Statements for professionals (up to present)
  • Notifications for professionals
  • Aggregated statements of clients and suppliers
  • Statements of Income Tax Advance Payments for architects (for professionals)
  • Statements of Withheld Income Tax Payments for contractors (for professionals)
  • Provisional Statement of Tax and Stamp Duty Payments (for professionals)
What is it?

What is it?

The electronic information system supported by the General Secretariat of Information Systems provides a wide range of information regarding each taxpayer's history, form submission records and useful data on real property and income earned.

Residents abroad, who are not very familiar with the Greek tax system, often find it hard to navigate through the portal and find the required information.

Explain to us which documents you need, so that we locate them for you and send them in .pdf format.

to electronically send you the documents you need 
incl. VAT (up to 5 documents

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