European Citizen Card: Conditions of legal residence and work of European citizens in Greece

European Citizen Card: Conditions of legal residence and work of European citizens in Greece

European Community Citizens, unlike third-country citizens, can travel to Greece with a valid ID card or passport, without the need for an entry visa or equivalent card. Upon entry, they may reside in Greece for up to three months without any conditions or formalities.

European citizens, however, who wish to stay in Greece for a longer period and to have access to social and other benefits, are required to comply with the requirements of Directive 2004/38/EC, which have been incorporated into Greek law through the EU.D.106/2007, as it stands today.

In particular, European citizens, wishing to stay in Greece for more than three (3) months, must be registered with an application submitted to the Police Department of their place of residence, which gives them a relevant registration certificate issued.

For the registration and legal residence for more than three (3) months, European Citizens must fulfill the following conditions:

  • To be employed or engage in independent economic activity,
  • to have adequate resources for themselves and their family members, so as not to burden the country’s social welfare system during their stay,
  • to be students in a public or private educational institution.

The application submitted to the competent police authority shall be accompanied by a photocopy of valid ID card or passport and the reason for their registration:

(a) In case of work or independent economic activity, a certificate of employment from the employer or other official document proving employment or the pursuit of independent economic activity,

(b) In case of a person with sufficient resources, official evidence proving that they have sufficient resources, so as not to burden the country’s social welfare system and proof of full insurance coverage;

(c) In case of a student in a public or private educational institution, proof of enrollment in the educational institution, a statement of responsibility or other equivalent means of obtaining sufficient resources and proof of full insurance coverage.

Which agency is responsible for issuing an EU Citizen Registration certificate for other reasons and what supporting documents are needed?

The Departments of Foreigners for the areas of Attica and Thessaloniki are the Police Departments. The person concerned must possess:

  • Application form,
  • Document on the basis of which the applicant entered the country (Greece),
  • Evidence that both they and their family members have health insurance and adequate resources and
  • Three (3) photos.

The above persons may be accompanied by their family members, who may likewise be registered in Greece. As members of the EU citizen’s family means: a) the spouse, regardless of nationality, or the partner with whom the EU citizen is, (b) children under the age of 21 of the spouse or of one of the spouses, (c) adult  children of dependent age, if they are dependent.

Citizens of the European Union shall be entitled to permanent residence if they have completed five years of legal residence and provided that they have not been absent for more than six (6) months per year.


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