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For residents abroad

Responding to the numerous requests of clients who chose TaxBlock to manage their tax affairs, we created the Premium Package.

This package includes services that were selected based on the needs of a Greek resident abroad with regard to full advisory and tax support covering the entire range of his obligations.

TaxBlock's team of experts becomes the advisor you have been seeking for and the TaxBlock platform is the mean to achieve the best possible level of service, despite the distance.


This service refers to residents abroad who have tax obligations in Greece and seek for comprehensive support throughout the year.

previously 900€        
  • Income Tax Form (E1) for the taxpayer (incl. spouse)
  • Rental Tax Form (E2) for the taxpayer (and/or spouse)
  • On-line authentication for unlimited* Lease Agreements we also send you the transaction receipt
  • Receive ENFIA Certificates (unlimited*)
  • Payment Alerts for ENFIA (unlimited*)
  • Real Property Tax Form (E9) for the taxpayer (incl. spouse)
  • Receive Register Details The taxpayer's details that appear on TaxisNet
  • Lease Agreement Assignment to the Tax Office for Residents AbroadAssign the right to receive uncollected rent and get exempted from the respective tax
  • 1 official question addressed to the competent Tax Office
  • Unlimited* questions to our team of expertsOur team of experts comprehensively answers all your questions

*Ισχύει η πολιτική ορθής χρήσης

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