Return of Social Security Number “AMKA” in Greece to citizens of European Union countries

Return of Social Security Number “AMKA” in Greece to citizens of European Union countries

Citizens of European Union countries who enter our country for work, as employees or as self-employed, need to know the following:

“The Social Security Number (AMKA) was established in 1/6/2009 and was compulsorily introduced as a number of employment and insurance identification of all citizens of the country. From the same date, no one can work as an employee or self-employed person, pay insurance contributions, issue or renew a medical book, be entitled to and receive pensions, and generally receive any benefits and allowances if he or she does not have an AMKA number.”

According to Presidential Decree 106/2007 on “Freedom of Movement and Residence in the Greek Territory of the Citizens of the European Union and Members of their Families” and in particular the provisions of Article 8 thereof,

“Citizens of the Union who are planning to stay in Greece for a period exceeding three months from the date of their arrival are required, before the end of the quarter, to appear in person at the responsible foreign police authorities in order to be registered for their residence.”

The aforementioned services make a relevant registration and immediately provide a certificate, indicating the name and address of the subscriber and the date of registration. ”

In order to be granted a registration certificate by the police, the conditions laid down in Article 7 (1) of the above PD 106/2007 must be fulfilled, according to which EU citizens are entitled to permanent and legal residence in Greece for a period longer than three months if:

  • They are employed or engaged in an independent economic activity; or
  • have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members, in accordance with Article 8 (3) of PD 106/2007 and full health insurance coverage so as not to burden the social welfare system of the country during their period of residence.

General instructions about AMKA issue are provided:

  1. Employees

In order to qualify for insurance for persons employed as employees by businesses established in our country and not having a previous three-month stay in the country should be required to submit to the AMKA services an employer certificate for employment of a European citizen, certifying the recruitment and duration of the employment.

The responsible employee of the Social Security Service (IKA), after verifying the submitted documents, issues an AMKA number, then fills in the service-related certificate and records the AMKA of the insured on the EFKA web registry.

  1. Self employees

For cases of remuneration for self- employees, when the three-month period of stay has not been fulfilled, the person responsible for self-employed insurance is registered by submitting to the Social Insurance branch office (EFKA) the statute of the company or the certificate of employment that was issued by the Tax Office.

Following the procedure, AMKA number is issued and registered in EFKA web registry.

Special notice

Citizens of EU Member States who are temporarily residents in Greece and who are not obliged to be insured in EFKA, must have the European Health Insurance Card, which provides access to public medical care during their temporary stay in our country, at the expense of the respective national health provider of the country of origin.



Maria Dianellou- Tax Advisor –Taxblock Team




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